About Us

Bdellium.Amor is a streetwear brand with substance. The foundation of the brand is to be expressive through fashion, to be your true and best self, and to take risk! 

What is Bdellium.Amor?

Bdellium is a gold aromatic gum-like substance similar to myrrh grown on trees in Africa, more specifically the Garden of Eden. Bdellium has a lot of biblical and historical substance, one of the most valuable natural resources. The word bdellium translated in the Hebrew is 'badolach', coming from the root word 'badal', which means to separate, divide , or distinguish apart from. In retrospect to the Garden, which was also separated apart from other lands because it was FULL OF LIFE, even when everything around it was dry and barren. It was the place where man had direct access to God, everything was made perfect. 

Amor means love, which is the most powerful thing in the world and is able to overcome anything. 

These two words embody the substance and foundation of the brand and what it means to UNVEIL EDEN WITHIN. We all have a Garden of Eden planted within us that produce a quality of life that we were created for. We were all made unique and to unveil that Eden means to simply be the BEST YOU that YOU can be. To be confident in who you are, to be authentically you in a world full of copies, and to set yourself apart from others!