Bdellium.Amor Style Fashion Tips

Every Thursday, Bdellium.Amor posts a "Fashion Tip of the Week"! These are to help you create a look that is trendy, stylish, yet comfortable and true to self. Here is a review of some of the tips we have shared:

  • Style Tip 1: IT'S ALL ABOUT LAYERS!!

Fall and Winter fashion thrive on layering pieces! It's one of our favorite styles! Find a statement piece and layer around that design. Don't be afraid to mix prints and textures as you layer! 

Suggestion: Who said you could only wear one jacket at a time? Try jackets and sweaters with different lengths and sizes to compliment each other!

  • Style Tip 2: PLAY WITH TEXTURES!!

Sometimes the best combinations are the ones you never try.. like french fries and ice cream (of course it's an acquired taste, but so is fashion). Not everyone will like it, but for the ones who are ADVENTUROUS, pairing different textures together is a new found art!

Suggestion: Corduroy is back in style for the colder seasons, try matching it with leathers and prints!

  • Style Tip 3: KEEP IT SIMPLE!!

Sometimes less is more when done tastefully! Minimalism has become a new wave through all platforms (fashion, home decor, art, etc.) Nudes are in!!! Spice it up with monotone layers and an accessory that stands out!

Suggestion: Everyone is attracted to the creams, beiges and browns to monotone currently. If you want to stand out, choose another simple color! Spring colors always work because they are softer, such as lavenders, mints, baby blues and more. Bold colors such as red can also be pulled off as a monotone style. REMEMBER, keep it simple when matching your entire attire one color, less will be more in this case.  


This is STYLE101! Style is custom to each individual, so be YOU! Find a trademark that makes your style uniquely specific, whether it be a certain accessory, color, or a unique way you wear an item. It could even be HAIR! This ensures that whatever new looks you want to try, always embodies the true essence of you. Fads and current trends are only temporary, so don't get caught up in "WHAT'S HOT" at the moment, it could be out of style tomorrow. Lastly, DON'T TRY TOO HARD! People can tell whether your ensemble is genuine to your style by how comfortable you are in it. 

Suggestion: Determine what piece of clothing you like the most! This ensures that you will ALWAYS be comfortable. If hats are your thing, style yourself around that! When you get dressed, look in the mirror, if you feel confident and comfortable, YOU'RE READY TO STEP OUT!

  • Style Tip 5: YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE!!

We have all at one point had that moment where we had to decide whether we wanted to dress casual or more dressy. Why Choose! Simply, take a blazer/suit and pair it with sneakers and a dope comfy tee! To spice it up, add a baseball cap! 

SuggestionThis applies to both men and women's suits. You can always dress up or dress down an outfit, simply by choosing the right shoes and accessories! You might have to play around with it, but that's the joy in making art! HYBRID STYLES BIRTH NEW TRENDS!



Bad hair day or lazy hair day, headscarves have been an accessory for centuries. There are numerous ways to style them for both men and women! On your head, around your neck, in your pocket,and even around your waist. Be creative! Scarves come in different prints, styles and sizes!

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