Lost & Found

Life is Left.

God is Right. 

Discern the signs of this spiritual fight. 

We are chosen

We are broken

We are blinded

Big brother ripped the veil of our eyesight

We are bruised

Uncurable Battle Wounds

Our people seek purpose........... answers

explanations, reparations, compensations.

Anybody, somebody help us!

And when you were silent Daddy, when

we cried out in the darkness, we believed

you weren't there.

Just like a toddler in his crib getting 

trained to sleep alone.

We just wanted to be held.

But you were there, you were always

there. But we cried so loud we couldn't

hear you sing us your lullabies of 

promises and "I still love yous!

I'll see you in the morning when I 

rise the sun..."

So we reached out our hands to anybody

willing to "pick us up" and whisper sweet

nothings only to put us to SLEEP.

We claim "WOKE" but we're really 

sleep walking.

We need HOPE through all this racial talking

We claim we are "God" but would think 

twice before we sacrificed

or stretched our hand

or took a stand in what we believed in

or face the death penalty.

We claim "God" but we kill our children 

murder our brothers

and sell our bodies to the highest bidder.


is what they call us

Get over it

is what they tell us

SEE ME! is what we cry

but they can't save us , they won't.

And that's okay.

SEEK ME is what you cry

FIND ME and I will save you!

I guess we've been playing HIDE AND SEEK

wrong this whole time.

"We Are It"......

We are chosen. 

Daddy we're lost...

Your word is our GPS

but sometimes the service seems broken.


Written By: Lutisha Bowen, Bdellium.Amor Designer/CEO

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